10 Jun 2012

Cheese Me in Tafi


The delicious day took me on yet another bus outside of the little mountain town of Tafi del Valle. Tafi is now the summer escape for lowlanders driven out of the city of San Miguel de Tucuman by the intolerable heat. But originally, Tafi was founded by Jesuits with a ferocious desire to make cheese. A half and hour outside of the town by bus, you'll find Estancia las Carreras where the descendants of the original owners have been cheesing it up since 1779.

Non-vegan Architecture: Sugar cane is Tucuman's most important agricultural product. The cane you see in the roof is a relative of sugar can but sturdier and thus better in the use of ceiling construction. Besides looking cool, cane is great for insulation. But moreover, you may notice, the cane is attached to the wooden structure by strips of cow hide.

Having spent most of the day solely with stallions and cattle I wonder, why don't people ride cows or milk horses?



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