28 Jul 2012

Gruta de San Pedro

What Lonely Planet called "hardly remarkable," had me, a decidedly novice spelunker in awe. A few kilometers from the tiny town of Sorata, this epic cave runs 400 meters into the ground and has a mysterious and remarkably large lagoon engulfed within its depths. The best part... the spooky and incongruous paddle boats floating in the dark lake. The ominous clicks of hidden bats echo around the space as I heave and transpire in the oppressive humidity.

24 Jul 2012

Adventure Brew Hostel Vortex

This La Paz hostel-cum-brewery-cum-cafe-cum-restaurant does all in its power to supplement any need to ever leave its confines with prepackaged Adventure Brew alternatives. Within its five stories one feels in a different land... it doesn't matter that Adventure Brew is located on the edge of an unsightly highway or inconveniently located outside of the city center. The only thing that matters is what's inside.

21 Jul 2012

Discovering and Delving Into La Paz ....for Travel and Talk

La Paz, the world's highest capital city, teeters along the edges of an exquisite valley at 3660 meters above sea level. La Paz's colonial structures perch along streets that approach being vertical, while the horizon behind them is jagged with stark, snow- capped peaks...click to read the rest.


17 Jul 2012

Meandering Mendoza: A Walking Tour... for Wandering Argentina

Most of Mendoza’s wineries and activities lay outside of town, but make time in your schedule to explore this little city. Its shady tree-lined avenues invite the casual stroll, and unlike Buenos Aires, you can get a feel for many of Mendoza’s different faces within one day.

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14 Jul 2012

Andean Super Food Beer: Cochabamba

Dining in this dim, middle eastern joint where dearly missed falafel would soon be sliding down my throat, the quinoa beer on the menu caught my eye.

Color and Carnage in Bolivia's Central Marketplaces

Mercado Centrales are quickly becoming my favorite part of Bolivia. These bustling centers of commerce pump and pulse with merchandise, foods --sweet and savory, raw meet, and rainbow colored produce. Cows' heads and pigs' feet, pyramids of multi-colored puddings, juice and fruit salad stations, yogurt dolled out of gigantic tubs, mountains of spongy cheese.

10 Jul 2012

Eatin' on the Streets: Bolivia for Nomadik Nation

Bolivia, if you know where it is (South America, dummies) you know that there’s more to the county than llamas and traditional woven cloths. They also have streets and food. Hence ‘street food’.

Travel writer Gwynne takes us on a quick trip through the streets of Bolivia to show us Bolivian street food culture 101.

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9 Jul 2012

Rock Broccoli


Bike and Wine Dreams

There are few expectations as high-set and idyllic as the bike and wine tour. Travelers imagine bucolic scenery, warm afternoon sunlight, crumbly dirt roads amidst vineyards, quaint little wineries abound, and that warm fuzzy feeling of biking about aimlessly with a hot-cheeked wine buzz.